Marcia Lattanzi Licht

Marcia Lattanzi Licht – LHD, MA, LPC – is an internationally known educator, lecturing before professional groups and audiences throughout the US, Canada, Europe and Australia. She has appeared on the Today Show, MSNBC and numerous other television and radio programs.

Marcia is a speaker and consultant to a wide variety of groups and organizations. A licensed counselor, she has also maintained a private psychotherapy practice for more than twenty years.

A co-founder of HospiceCare, Boulder, Colorado (1976), Marcia has a strong commitment to the Boulder community. Marcia's numerous publications include The Hospice Choice, and Coping with Public Tragedy. Marcia was awarded an honorary doctorate in humane letters in recognition of her work (University of Colorado, 2005), the 1984 Winston Churchill Traveling Fellowship, the 2002 ADEC Educator Award, and NHPCO's 1995 Heart of Hospice. She received the Boulder County District Attorney’s highest award in 1988, the Distinguished Service Award, for her work with victims of crime, and was named a Boulder Pacesetter in 1985.


Private Psychotherapy Practice

Marcia Lattanzi Licht has been a counselor since 1978. She has maintained a general private practice for over twenty years. Marcia’s specialty areas are working with people living with loss and illness and adjusting to life changes and major stresses.

Teaching and Public Speaking

Marcia Lattanzi Licht has spoken for over thirty years before groups, corporations, professional conferences and audiences across North America and internationally.

Consultation Services

Marcia Lattanzi Licht does case consultations, team building sessions and retreats for a wide range of groups and organizations.

Selected Presentation Topics

  • Acquired Bravery: Living with Loss
  • Managing Conflict; Problem Solving and Consensus Building
  • Stress Management; Coping with Professional Stress
  • Caring Effectively for Others without Losing Yourself
  • Rekindling the Spark: Dealing with Burnout
  • Management and Leadership Training Topics
  • Maintaining Professional Boundaries
  • Coping with Change
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Care of the Soul: The Relationship of Helping and Hope
  • In Spite of It All: How Do I Get the Passion Back?
  • Other Inspirational and Motivational Topics


I work with individuals, couples and families in the search for well-being and the discovery and development of meaning. I assist clients from a person-centered, solution-focused approach to gain the insight, creativity, vision and courage to engage their life.

According to research on the counseling / psychotherapeutic process, the relationship is the vehicle for change. I see counseling as a relational learning process, and offer clients a mirror to see things in ways we might not be able to see on our own.

The process will involve exploring creatively the ways you think about things, and gaining new perspectives and understandings in your life. I know professionally and personally that people can live through and with outrageous losses and challenges in their lives. I have been honored to work with people who live their lives in ways that inspire me. To download an article relative to my philosophy, click here.


Marcia Lattanzi Licht

Marcia Lattanzi Licht

Marcia Lattanzi Licht


Stanford University

Pediatric Palliative Care Program Retreat (2006)

HospiceCare of Boulder & Broomfield Counties

Clinical Supervision and Team Building – Grief Services (2000 – present)

Boulder County Sheriff’s Department

Jail, Communication Division and Administrative Staff Team Building and Conflict Management (2008-2010)

Boulder County Public Health

Children with Special Needs Program - Clinical Supervision Family Health Leadership Team - Reflective Supervision (2010 – present) Nurse Family Partnership - Clinical Supervision

The Last Act: A Writer’s Conference on Death and Dying in America

Plenary Speaker: Creating Real Images of Families in Grief. Co-sponsored by the American Society on Aging, HBO, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the National Hospice Foundation. Los Angeles, CA 1996.

Amoco Oil Company

Effective Meetings, Corporate Supervisor Training, 1990

National Academy of Corrections, Department of Justice

Faculty for two week Management Course (1985-1993)

New York Academy of Medicine

Enhancing Family Centered Care for Children Living with Life-Threatening Illness Symposium speaker, 2003

Boulder County Employee Training

Numerous courses taught annually for over twenty years to the present, including Conflict Management and Negotiation; Stress Management; Creativity – The Passion for Excellence

Santa Clara University

Compassion in Action Conference Plenary Speaker, 2008

Boulder Community Hospital

Manager/Supervisor Seminars: Tools for Managing Team Performance, 2010

National Hospice & Palliative Care Organization

Numerous invited workshops, seminars and plenary presentations on topics related to Coping with Professional Stress, Loss and Bereavement, Family Coping with Death of a Loved One, and Team Building. Led the creation of the Management Development Program. (1978-present).


"A single common factor defines all of Marcia’s contributions; they make a real difference in the world. Marcia’s touchstone is always how these efforts will affect the care people are receiving. Marcia has taught doctors of all stripes throughout her career. She is a thought leader whom all of us in the field respect and listen to with great interest. I think of Marcia as a national treasure, as a person who exceeds whatever expectations the world might have because the world usually cannot envision the possibilities she can both see and bring to reality."

— Dale Larson, PhD, Professor, Department of Counseling Psychology, Santa Clara University, California

"Two things have always stood out for me in observing Marcia’s work as an educator, whether it is offered to volunteers and lay audiences or to the most advanced professionals. First, she is an excellent teacher. She has an easy and effective manner, and she interacts well with all of her audiences in discussion and informal interchanges. Second, she always has something new and interesting to say. I always learn something new when I hear her presentations."

— Charles Corr, PhD, professor emeritus, Southern Illinois University

"In my fifteen years of association with Marcia, I am awestruck with her commitment to support and inspire all who are dedicated to this work. She is quick to share, encourage and empower others, whether new or experienced in their work. Her insight, intuition, experience and empathy have profoundly influenced the work of colleagues, peers, trainees and clients."

— Martha M. Barton, President and CEO Pikes Peak Hospice and Palliative Care, Colorado Springs, Colorado

"I can think of no one who better exemplifies and encompasses all of the traits of vision, intelligence, compassion and commitment to others you are looking for in a Pacesetter than does Marcia Lattanzi of Boulder County Hospice.

Not only is Marcia a truly guiding light in her professional capacity, but she always has time for the many people who come to Hospice because they are in pain and hurting over an important loss in their lives. It is truly the mark of greatness when a person treats everyone with the respect and love that Marcia always unfailingly does."

— Lenore Peterson, Boulder Pacesetter Nomination letter



Feel free to contact Marcia for a consultation or to make an appointment. If you'd like to download her CV, please click here.

Marcia Lattanzi Licht
Boulder, Colorado


I will accept insurance assignment. I do not participate in insurance preferred provider lists. If you do not have or use insurance coverage for our work, I discount my fee 20%, or negotiate a fee based upon your economic situation.


Monday and Friday in Boulder, Wednesday in Niwot